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Your Sexual Health Matters.

Abuse comes in many different forms and it can affect people who are HIV-positive in many different ways. Abusive partners can use STIs or HIV to try and control or harm their partners. Abusive partners can use their power and control to isolate and manipulate survivors who are HIV-positive through active discrimination, fear of discrimination, criminalization, societal stigma, and the absence of legal protections for people living with HIV. Common actions of an abusive partner:

  • Making derogatory remarks about a survivor's worthiness or 'cleanliness' due to their status or insinuating that they won't find love again.
  • Labeling a survivor as promiscuous or using derogatory terms because of their HIV status.
  • Isolating a survivor because they're seen as a risk to others.
  • Threatening to disclose a survivor's HIV status to their family or community, exposing them to discrimination.
  • Threatening to reveal a survivor's HIV status to their landlord, risking eviction or housing difficulties.
  • Threatening to use a survivor's HIV status against them in a custody battle.
  • Preventing a survivor from accessing necessary medical care.
  • Stealing or damaging a survivor's medication vital for their health.
  • Threatening to disclose a survivor's HIV status to an employer, risking job loss or hindering job prospects.
  • Coercing a survivor into paying for new medication by destroying their current supply.
  • Interfering with safer sex methods a survivor wishes to use.
  • Publicly sharing a survivor's HIV status online.
  • Threatening unwarranted legal action against an HIV-positive survivor, and more.

If you are ready to reclaim your sexual health, you are in the right place. Below you will find several sexual health resources to help you on your journey toward a brighter future.

Family Justice Center at One Safe Place

A family justice center is the bringing together of a multi-agency network, under one roof, dedicated to providing coordinated services to victims of domestic violence and their children. Abusive relationships can look like a lot of things, and we understand things might be confusing. If you have a question about your relationship or feel unsafe, please call us at 817-916-4323 or visit us at 1100 Hemphill Street, Fort Worth TX 76104 at any time. We have over 20 partner agencies under one roof who are here to help you.

Free Testing at One Safe Place

We are proud to partner with the Tarrant County Health Department and Care Clinic, who provide free on-site HIV and STI (STI 1, STI 2, STI 3) testing at One Safe Place. No appointment or insurance required. Simply show up at One Safe Place between any of the times and dates listed below for your free test.

Times and Dates Coming Soon!

Free Resources

We are proud partners of the Tarrant County Public Health Department. Learn more about your local prevention, testing and treatment options at BeatHIVTC.org.